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Acceleration through Collaboration

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Diverse teams, especially those with a mix of backgrounds, experiences, talents, thinking styles and perspectives, are crucial in generating innovation and finding new solutions to the challenges presented by our rapidly changing and increasingly complex world.

When cognitive diversity is embraced and combined with methods for effective and impactful collaboration, teams are better equipped to make quality decisions, complete tasks brilliantly, solve problems, generate breakthrough ideas and deliver results. They are also more likely to report high engagement and feel more energized to do their best work.

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Effective collaboration is created through open communication and active listening alongside a willingness and ability to combine different strengths. However, in the daily pace of “getting my work done”, teams often struggle to collaborate.

They struggle even more when there is a lack of clarity (“Why should we collaborate? What on?”), intentionality (“we know we should, but it really only happens when there’s a problem…”) and discipline (“erm, rigour, yes, we should have more of that!”).

Our approach is rooted in discovering the unique strengths and styles of each person and using this as a foundation for deepening relationships and an understanding of the value each team member brings.

Using a tried and tested framework we will then guide you and your team through a series of exercises to create more clarity, intentionality and discipline in your collaboration and build even greater success through doing meaningful work together.

We start by getting to know you, your team, your culture, your context and your aspiration so we can tailor our approach to your needs. We will finish by setting you on a path of continuous improvement to sustain your future journey. What happens in the middle is a co-creation; your unique needs shape your bespoke solution.

A Strengths-Based Approach to Team Culture

Here at Beehive Performance, we are dedicated to focusing on what’s right with people rather than what’s wrong with them. It’s hard enough to maximise the gifts we are born with, let alone endeavouring to create gifts which just aren’t there!

We can, of course, spend years practising to gain skill at something we don’t have talent in, but this way will rarely lead to extraordinary performance and may often be effort wasted, versus developing a talent we DO have and making that really powerful, both for our own success and to support the success of others.

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We are committed to maximizing your strengths and innate talents and helping you understand and embrace the unique contribution that you bring to the world. And we help you see how others are different, and that this is where the magic lies. The magic happens when we bring together the collective talents of a team and show you how you really are better together.

Our Strengths-based pathway levers Gallup’s CliftonStrengths® assessment to help you discover and articulate the things you instinctively do well, show how they can drive 90% of your performance improvement, and may also trip you up from time to time. We use the outcomes to enable you to see yourself in a new light, to see the gifts of others, and to weave all of those gifts together to create exceptional performance through collaborating.

This new language of Strengths not only enables exceptional performance, but also provides a platform for effective recognition and powerful feedback conversations. In addition, Gallup’s research shows that those who know and work with their Strengths are 6 times more likely to report feeling highly engaged, 12.5% more productive and also 3 times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life.

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For teams and individuals not ready to take the full pathway approach, the pathway can be broken into three, with phases 1 & 2 taking the form of a “Strengths Discovery” experience.

Do get in touch for a chat if you are interested in any of our services or have any questions you’d like to discuss.

My experience with Liz couldn’t be more positive. I reached out to her to support our leadership group with a complex team dynamic. She helped us create a deeper understanding of each other, building trust in service of a better performance and collaboration.

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Gallup certified strengths coach
e2grow certified high performing team coach
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Physical intelligence institute certified coach
Consensio Accredited Workplace Mediator
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