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With menstrual health impacting 51% of the population directly and touching the lives of everyone indirectly, our mission is to foster understanding and support across communities, throughout organizations, and within universities so that the physical and mental health impacts are known, relationships thrive and potential is reached.

of 100k women thought they had enough information on menstrual wellbeing

of people who menstruate experience anxiety around periods at work

of those assigned female at birth will have menopause symptoms that impact work

A UK government report published in 2022 indicated that 17% of the 100,000 women surveyed said they did not have enough information on menstrual health. Men were not included in the survey! Our guess is that the percentage for men would be significantly lower.

And with the fastest growing demographic in the workplace being those of 50+ years, the importance of understanding the impact of the journey into menopause becomes critical not only to those women experiencing it, but to those whose lives run alongside them as they do.

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Our female health services support the journey from the onset of periods to menopause and beyond. We not only hold the women; we include the men, young people and managers who may be indirectly impacted by what the women in their lives may experience.

Through facilitated conversations, webinars, talks and our signature coaching programme, Queen Bee, we aim to create a compelling narrative on female health that resonates with diverse audiences and fosters an atmosphere of understanding and support.

We approach all our services with a light and gentle touch, warmth, and empathy.

Every single one of our participants talks about the pragmatic, caring style of their coach Liz, her unique ability to treat them as individuals and her uplifting approach.

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