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Liz Clayton-Jones

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Director | Coach and Mentor

Liz has a diverse career spanning three decades within global FMCG and has a deep understanding of the workings of complex organisations.

With much of her career spent focused on enterprise-wide engagement, high performance collaboration and maximising the learning and development experience for employees at all levels, she has great insight into what makes individuals, teams and businesses successful through their people.

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Her passion is bringing people with diverse thinking and working styles together to raise their engagement and maximise performance outcomes, and as a certified Strengths Coach she helps people find their unique contribution, to own it, and to aim it at their personal, team and business goals.

In addition to our High Performing Teams services, Liz leads Beehive Performance’s signature Queen Bee coaching programme, empowering women to harness their unique talents to curate a transformational menopause.

Liz’s dominant Strengths are Responsibility™, Achiever™, Maximizer™, Developer™, Arranger™, Includer™, Harmony™, Intellection™, Individualisation™ and Relator™.
(Gallup’s CliftonStrengths™ Assessment)

Tel: +44 7587 099 845

Photo of Liz Clayton-Jones

My experience with Liz couldn’t be more positive. I reached out to her to support our leadership group with a complex team dynamic. She helped us create a deeper understanding of each other, building trust in service of a better performance and collaboration.

Regional Marketing Category Director | Global FMCG
Gallup certified strengths coach
e2grow certified high performing team coach
mbti certified
Physical intelligence institute certified coach
Consensio Accredited Workplace Mediator
Mental health first aider