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Queen Bee

I’ve been there, in the messy, vulnerable journey of menopause.

I know the pull to surrender or fight, and the internal implosion when neither seems to work. Feeling exposed, fearing judgment, and sensing the end of the game—it’s a place I’m familiar with.

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But there’s power in embracing the messiness, letting go of what’s behind and embracing the possibilities of the future. I’ve felt the release that accompanies the choice to believe that resisting or fighting through menopause isn’t the only way to experience it.

As a seasoned Strengths Practitioner, I’ve discovered the excitement of realizing I have exceptional tools to remember who I am and recognize that I am more than my challenges.

My wish? That every woman finds that same strength within.

In my ideal world, no one is left to navigate this path alone.

I envision a world where we embrace the wisdom of women and where women, including you, embrace their natural biological experiences. I want you to remember who you are and realize the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. I want a world with more of you, where you can look to the future with excitement, peace, and self-acceptance.

There are different ways for you to work with me and experience the Queen Bee program. Get in touch now, and let’s explore the best solution for you.

EVERY woman will experience menopause and yet each of us will experience the many symptoms of menopause in different combinations and in different ways.

Add to that, our unique mix of individual strengths and then the varying life circumstances each of us is experiencing and you can see the number of variables to play with are vast and potentially overwhelming.

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Working with scientists through much of my career, I’ve learned the beauty of experimentation and the joy of breakthroughs, big or small. Every one a step forward.

The Queen Bee framework is centred around what we know to be true for you, combined with an experimental approach.

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We’re here to guide you through this. Because let’s face it, the fluctuations that are occurring inside you mean that sometimes this is an exciting prospect. On other days, you just want to hide under the covers.

NB: The Queen Bee Programme is NOT a nutrition or medical programme. The world is full of information on what may or may not support your menopause. A simple google search for ‘Menopause Cures’ gives you 1.2 million results. This programme is about reconnecting you to your own sense of self and giving you the methodology to experiment and discover what works for you, whilst enabling you to cultivate a mindset that embraces and accepts the experience.

The Queen Bee coaching programme has been incredibly well received in our workplace. This is a must do for all workplaces and I can’t recommend anyone more than Liz to guide you through it.

Fiona Thomson, Compensation & Benefits Lead | Repsol UK
Gallup certified strengths coach
e2grow certified high performing team coach
mbti certified
Physical intelligence institute certified coach
Consensio Accredited Workplace Mediator
Mental health first aider