“Guiding people to better work together”

You have all the right pieces, but putting them together in the right way so they make a beautiful picture is another matter!

We love the differences in people.

We love to uncover and explore the different talents, styles and perspectives each person brings, and bring them together so they can benefit each other and maximise the overall outcomes of the team.  

Here at Beehive Performance we specialize in unlocking superior performance through activating high engagement and intentional collaboration in businesses and teams. 

Through deep listening we will get to know you, your business, your challenges and aspirations, and using our extensive experience in employee engagement and strengths-based, high performing teams will work in partnership with you to create the change programme you need.

Raising Engagement

Deepening the emotional connection each team member has with their work and their colleagues through exploring the 12 elements of performance-related engagement; uncovering needs, enabling open, safe discussion and agreeing impactful ways forward.

Collaborating for High Performance

Teams often struggle to collaborate when there is a lack of clarity (“Why should we collaborate? What on?”), intentionality (“we know we should, but it really only happens when there’s a problem…”) and discipline (“erm, rigour, yes, we should have more of that!”

Using a tried and tested framework we will guide you and your team through a series of exercises to create more clarity, intentionality and discipline in your collaboration and build even greater success through doing meaningful work together

Strengths-based Team Culture

Grounding you and your team members firmly in the knowledge of your unique and collective contributions to team performance using the power of e2grow™, a proven app-supported method to efficiently instil new mindsets and new routines in individuals, teams, managers and organizations.

Strengths Discovery

An entry level service to start managers, teams and individuals on a journey to unlock performance by understanding and harnessing their unique talents.