Queen Bee

“Harness your unique strengths to create
a truly transformational menopause”

I see you. 

You had no idea menopause was going to be like this. You didn’t see it coming.

Things inside you seem to be changing beyond all recognition; things you never really knew you valued have started to elude you: energy, clarity, focus, emotional stability, confidence. 

You’re a smart woman. 

You know that’s no way to live. That’s why you’re here. 

This is the moment to leverage and capitalise on your innate talents and curate a positive, transformative transition.

Queen Bees know they have SO MUCH more to contribute.

It starts today.

Pause for a minute 

Take a deep breath, find the quiet voice inside you that knows you haven’t gone anywhere. 

Rest for a minute in the idea that there is a spectacular transformation unfolding within you. 

That this is the moment to leverage and capitalise on your innate talents. 

That you can have a different experience to the one you’re having now. 

Let this be the moment that you choose to shift from ‘Is this it??’ to ‘THIS IS IT!!’.

The Silver Bullet and the Cure all Pill

They aren’t here.

It’s important to say that now. In case you’re frantically scrolling down the page looking for THE answer.

You have it inside you. You know that already. 

You are who you always have been.

Except now you are presented with a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity to craft your next phase of life in a way that wholly honours you; harnessing your unique strengths to focus your energy on the transition that you want to create.

Becoming a Queen Bee

EVERY woman will experience menopause. 

This change to our hormonal structure affects every one of us. It can occur naturally, surgically or through medication. It can come on at any time from around 30 to 60.  But for most of us, at some point around the ages of 45-55 our bodies start to change. 

The real kicker? Research shows that 45-55 is also the age where most women hit their career stride in terms of focus and confidence. So, for many of us, just as we feel we’re stepping into our inherent brilliance, menopause can literally take the wind out of our sails.

75% of us will have debilitating symptoms that affect our work. 

25% of us will consider leaving because of it. 

10% of us actually will.

Which is a tragedy for every woman out there who knows she still has a contribution to make. And it’s a tragedy for a world that is crying out for the leadership that women bring.

So, here is Queen Bee.   

A service enabling you to harness your unique strengths to create a truly transformational menopause. 

This is the service I wish I’d had eight years ago, as I went firmly into “prove” mode as menopause symptoms started to impact my work and my home life. 

It’s the service I dedicate to you.

The Queen Bee Framework and Approach

There’s a reason why there’s no magic pill. 

EVERY woman will experience menopause and yet each of us will experience the 34 symptoms of menopause in different combinations and in different ways. 

Add to that, our unique mix of individual strengths and then the varying life circumstances each of us is experiencing and you can see the number of variables to play with are vast and potentially, overwhelming.

The Queen Bee framework is centred around what we know to be true for you, combined with a series of practical experiments that you will undertake. 

Throughout your Queen Bee programme, we’ll be

grounding you in the core foundation of your natural strengths, 

establishing the facts of your own unique menopausal experience, 

and testing the gaps to find the optimal solution for you

We’re here to guide you through this. Because let’s face it, the fluctuations that are occurring inside you mean that sometimes this is an exciting prospect. On other days, you just want to hide under the covers.

NB: The Queen Bee Programme is NOT a nutrition or medical programme. The world is full of information on what may or may not support your menopause. A simple google search for ‘Menopause Cures’ gives you 1.2 million results. This programme is about reconnecting you to your own sense of self and giving you the methodology to experiment and discover what works for you, whilst enabling you to cultivate a mindset that embraces and accepts the experience.

Why me?

Because I know this path. 

I know what it’s like to want to give in and to want to fight. And to feel like you are imploding inside when neither of those tactics seem to work.

I have a direct experience of waiting to be found out, of feeling like the ‘game’ is over and that I have less to contribute than I used to. I know what it’s like to believe that people are watching you, judging you, noticing you dropping balls and getting ready to move you aside.

More importantly, I know the freedom that comes when you decide to stop looking back and mourning what has gone, and instead embrace the possibility of what is coming. And I know the possibilities that emerge when you make a decision that the constant resisting or fighting cannot possibly be the way we are supposed to experience menopause.

“embrace the possibility of what is coming”

As a fully qualified Strengths Practitioner, I know the excitement of realising that I had an exceptional tool that would allow me to remember who I am and realisethat I am this and much more. My natural strength portfolio leads me to want all of this experience for you, too. 

In my ideal world, there’s not a single woman being left behind to travel this path alone.

For much of my 30 year career in the FMCG industry, I have worked with scientists and technicians. 

I understand the value of pragmatic and consistent experimentation. 

And the joy in the eureka moment when your approach delivers a breakthrough. 

Big or small, it’s a brilliant way to reveal that you are moving forward.

I want a world where we embrace the wisdom of women. 

And where women embrace their natural biological experience.

I want YOU to remember who you are and to realise the many exciting possibilities that lie before you. 

I want the world to have more of you. 

And I want you to look to the future with excitement, peace and self-acceptance.

There are different ways of working with me to experience Queen Bee.  

Call to explore the best solution for you.

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